With the grace of Lord Siva, the mentor of the trust. Komal Ka. Sekar who initially led a mundane life, with the conventional way of worship, like most of the people, without having knowledge of god, His grace etc, had made to meet, one, Shri R. Vasantha Kumar, whom God has virtually sent down with the task of renovation of the temples and enlighten the people with the holy scriptures, Puranas, Sastras and Panniru Thirumurais by publishing books and pamphlets and arranging regular conferences based on his research over the Thirumurais and Sastras of our saints. Apart from the above contribution for the spiritual upliftment of the society he is also conducting conferences as regards our Tamil literatures

On having met him at Thiruveezhimizhalai temple during September 1999, when he undertook, with great effort in the renovation processes of the Temple, and having known his mission and his heartful yearning of the renovation of the temples in ruined conditions and having read his mind and heart, the mentor of the trust Ka. Sekar started thinking of the great task for which he has to dedicate his whole life in assisting him in his holy selfless efforts. Then the mentor slowly associating with Shri R.Vasantha Kumar in his arduous effort in the renovation and reconstruction of the temples, and it is continuing until this day.

Over the last 10 years Shri.Vasantha Kumar has participated in the renovation and reconstruction and performing Kumbabishegam of about 450 temples all over Tamil Nadu, and assisting him in all his efforts, the mentor of the Trust has participated in about 250 Temples in Thanjavur, Thiruvarur, Nagapattinam and Cuddalore and Ariyalur Districts. As of now about 50 temples are in renovation and reconstruction processes.

The Idea of constituting a trust, with the future objectives, and the continuation of the holy works over the years to come, by the family members also, a Trust in the name of Komal Om Namasivaya Trust was formed on the 2nd day of May 2001 with one Selvaganapathy S/O Ka. Sekar as founder Trustee and it is duly registered as document number 19/2001 in Book IV at Peralam sub registrar office.